WATPA Tractor pulling in WA.

The Western Australian Tractorpull Association. inc (Tractorpulling In WA since 1986)

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Our Next Event is in 2016

Date TBA

Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year

 WA country roads 
Drop 5 'n stay alive
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Drop 5 'n stay alive.


Who wins what?

The object of tractor pulling is simple; to pull an ever increasing load further down a dirt track than anyone else in your class.more...

A puller does not have to go faster than a competitor, only further. Unlike other forms of motor sport, there are no eliminations. Once a class starts, the competition cont-inues until a winner is determined.

Should more than one competitor clear the 100-metre mark, then the sled has more weight added and the tractors who ‘Full Pulled’ competes again to determine an outright winner. More...

Finals Results

Sunday May 31st (long weekend) well what an awesome weekend in Beverley, the weather was ordered and delivered to perfection, we had a good turn out on Saturday to help set up for the show and Sunday morning in they came, tractors, trucks, bikes, quads and best of all lots of spectators, new & old to the sport. It was great to see so many families come along with the kids & bikes to have a bit of fun in our junior dirt drag competition (kids as young as 4yrs on 50cc & the big kids up to 1350cc on the day). Read More

event dates

Next event TBA  

Beverley Racecourse

EVENT MAP HERE  Set a phone reminder so you dont miss out! Tractors and their drivers must be registered with the WATPA before they may compete in an event.

You're welcome to come over to the Pit Area have a look around  and also meet the competitors.  

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sand drags


The day usually consists of 3 rounds of racing each round is 2 runs each this may vary depending on the number of entries for the day. more...

The winner is based on the most wins in each class for the day and awards are given for each class.

The track is 220 meters longs with additional run off area for braking.More...

Please be at the track in Beverley by 10AM for pre-race briefing

On race day...

10:30AM Dirt drags warm up

11:00 / 11:30 Dirt Drags Competition

12:00/12:30 Tractor Pull

Alternate rounds

5:15 = Tractor Pull final run

6:00 = Track Closed 

Fee’s & Charges

Gate entry

Family $35 2A +2K

Adult $20

Kids $10

Juniors race fee $10

Adults race fee $25

WATPA members race fee $10 

Food Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages are available on the day...




SOUND LEVELS will at times during the event exceed comfortable levels. 

We strongly encourage the use of protective hearing devices during our events... ESPECIALLY for childrens ears!  Please dont risk their future by damaging thier hearing. 

It's What we do !

Tractor classes

The tractors are divided into classes and comply with either ‘Limited’ or ‘Open’ rules. 

The classes are Open Modified, Super Modified, Limited Modified, Open Mini Modified, (A grade) Mini Modified & (B grade) Limited Mini Modified, Pro Stock (diesel) and Two Wheel Drive Trucks. The distinction between classes is determined by the overall maximum weight, engine modifications, fuels and physical size. (All tractors are 2 WD) 
Not satisfied with the power and noise generated by big engines like a Chevrolet 454 and 560 cubic inch motors, which may produce in excess of 1000 horse power, tractors pullers have devised methods of coupling two or even three of these engines together. Others have gone for a more exotic flavour and sourced their power from Chieftain tanks, WW2 Fighter Aircraft and even Jet Aircraft.more...

Imagine, if you can, four Volkswagen Boxer engines lined up one behind the other, two screaming Mazda Rotary engines coupled together, a Jaguar V12, two Leyland P76 V8’s, Twin-Turbo V8 and even, at one stage, a Vampire Jet Engine.

The events are held on a 100 metre dirt track and the pit areas are opened during interval to allow the spectators to have a closer look at the tractors and to chat with the drivers and crews.

Tractor Pulling is a family orientated motor sport. 

There is a friendly atmosphere between all the members and their families. It is not uncommon for tractor pullers to cannibalise their own tractors (when they break) to allow another puller to compete. The sport is open to both women and men, the only restriction being that competitors must at least hold a current Learner Driver’s Permit. It sometimes comes down to members of the same family competing for the trophies. more


 The Ticket holder acknowledges that all children attending the event must be under the supervision of an adult guardian at all times. 


Protective ear "plugs" for children can be purchased onsite from the office.

Pulling In australia

The first Australian Tractor Pull was held at Elmore (Victoria) Field Days in 1976. The following year saw Tractor Pulling begin in the Victorian rural town of Quambatook. It has developed over the past 21 years into a highly competitive and technical sport, where the difference between first and last place may be as small as one or two metres. Often the top tractors are separated by mere centimetres.
The Australian Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA) is a non-profit organisation that governs Tractor Pulling in Australia. Our events (Tractor Pulls) are held in conjunction with a promoter. This is often a local school, sporting, service or community club (for example; Apex, Rotary, Lions, Netball, Cricket, Football) who use the event as a fundraiser. Tractor Pulls are held in locations throughout Australia, predominantly in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. In Western Australia theres one association affiliated with the ATPA, in WA the Western Australian Tractor Pullers Association inc (WATPA).

The Western Australian Tractor Pull Association inc is focused on actively promoting this spectacular sport and working with communities and other motorsport groups to not only establish a unique annual event, but more importantly to assist communities financially through the influx of spectators, sponsors and promotion. The WATPA currently runs seasonal tractor pull events in the town of Beverley at the old Beverley race course in conjunctions with Dirt Drags held approx 5 times per season along with some additional exhibition events at various locations upon request and is currently seeking any interested people.   more




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